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Vd. Rajal Shukla (B.A.M.S.) 

(Reg. No:  GBI-11860)

Exprience : 

  • Started Careeras a product adviser and worked in R&D department in Pharma Company.
  • Since last 14 years, I am practicing as an Ayurvedic consultant at Vastrapur. By experience after treatment of thousands of patient, I have developed core competency in Constitution Study and “Nadi Parikshan” in patient and also teaching the same to the Ayurvedic students. I was also associated with Shivanand Ashram as a doctor, visiting once in a week since last eight years.
  • I have been delivering lectures on various topic of Ayurveda in collages and seminars.
  • Since last Three years, giving lectures on “Basic concept of Ayurveda” in Teachers training program on Yoga, conducting by Gujarat University at Shivanand Ashram”.
  • Nine appearance on Pretty women show, broadcast by TV9 Channel. It was live telecast related to health. Regular appearance on DD Network on various program of “AYUSH” a central government organization.
  • 2006 Dec onwards Started Manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicine under the name of “SAMYAK HERBAL HEALTH CARE” and receive license for 30 products from Drug department, out of that 10 products are already in market. All the products combination are used on various patients (Clinical trials) for 15 years and after getting excellent results of medicine , decided to market products under the name of Samyak Herbal Health Care.

Achievements :

  • Stood First in final year of B.A.M.S. and received Gold Medal from University in 1994.
  • Received Silver Medal from Ayurved Vikas Mandal in  1994
  • Stood second in Dant Vidya Visharad a course by Gujarat University on Dentistry.
  • Received an Award from Ayurveda Trust for Practicing in Pure Ayurved in 2000
  • Writing various articles in Ayurved Columns of News Papers and Magazines.
  • Best Teacher Award for Yoga and Pranayam in 2006
  • Received an Award from “Vishwa Ayurved Parishad” as young service provider in the field of an Ayurved.

Hobbies: - Classical Music, Writing, Reading

Goal: - To serve for Ayurveda and promote Ayurveda to National and International level.


1.”Ayurved Nu Achaman” – a book on basic concept of Ayurved & health        

2. “Val Na Rogo Ni Anubhut Chikitsa” – A book on hair treatment

3. “Jan Jage to Diabetes Bhage” – 15 articles published in local news paper on Diabetes.

Published Various articles in health magazines like Health Club, Health Care, Ayurveda for health, Niramay and in various local news papers.

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