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Samyak Herbal Health Care is promoted by Dr. Rajal Shukla, a leading practicener of Ayurveda in Ahmedabad with a mission of providing genuine Ayurvedic medicine of world class standard at affordable price.   Samyak was started in the year 2007 Dec and till date received license of 30 medicines from Drug department. 


The Samyak products are widely accepted by Doctors and NRI patient from USA and Australia. The company is growing and expanding exponentially.


All the combination of medicines was used for 15 years on various patients. After getting encouraging results, it is decided to start manufacturing same medicines. Majority of the products are sold to leading practitioner in state of Gujarat. All medicines are prepared from Our main Sanhitas (Books) of Ayurveda, Called “Brihadtrai”- “Charak Sanhita, Shushrut Sanhita and Ashtang Hridayam”.


 The basic process followed is described here. First of all the best Row Herbs is selected, and then all are covered to Powder form. After that Bhavana is given (It is Process that Make decoction, juice or liquid extract  of herbal plants which is mix in powdered medicine, churned till decoction is totally absorbed in powder and powder becomes dry, this called one Bhavana). As per recommendation and requirements we give 3 to 7 Bhavanas.  All Samyak Herbal’s products are strictly prepared under my supervision and adhere to strict quality standard.


Samyak Herbal Products are mentioned in Products category. All the products are proven as being used on patients since many years and gives excellent results.     

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