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2006 Dec. onwards Started Manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicine under the name of “SAMYAK HERBAL HEALTH CARE” and receive license for 30 products from Drug department, out of that 10 products are already in market.

All the products combination are used on various patients (Clinical trials) for 15 years and after getting excellent results of medicine , decided to market products under the name of Samyak Herbal Health Care. 


NASYA-Errhine therapy

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NASYA-Errhine therapy

Nasya also known as Sirovirechana is the procedure of instilling medication in nose. In Ayurveda, nasa ih ixrso. This means “Nose is the Gateway to Head”. So Nasya proves to be helpful in curing diseases of region above neck. Nasya is having prime importance in Ayurveda because it strengthens major indriyas i.e. sense organs of body. The medications instilled in nose are in form of powders, oil, ghee, etc.

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